15 Best Blog Plugin for WordPress Website (Freemium) 2023

WordPress plugins are essential for starting the best blog website. These plugins allow you to add great features and functionality to your blog without any coding knowledge. This plugin will need to create a complete website with the best blog plugin for WordPress out of numerous plugins and you may also need the best theme.

Now I will share my detailed experience with some of the best plugins for WordPress (Paid WordPress Plugins and Free Plugins) for starting a new blog. I will recommend the Best WordPress plugin list for a blog.

01. Akismet Anti-Spam


If you do not take anti-spam measures on your blog site, it may become full of spam. Users can infect websites and backend files by submitting various spam contact forms and comments. You can protect your website from this spam using the Akismet plugin because it is one of the best plugins.

It helps you find harmful content by testing your contact forms and comments. It automatically checks websites and removes harmful spam.

Main Features:

  • Akismet automatically instructions all comments and files out the ones that aspect like spam.
  • It gives a fast performance which saves a lot of time.
  • The recovery process and backup are straightforward.
  • Disable features that block bad spam in storage.
  • Administrators can perceive the number of spam comments received from each user.
  • Status history to see where spam was fined.

02. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL

Every WordPress user knew the name of the Really Simple SSL plugin. It spontaneously identifies your website settings and organizes your website to run on HTTPS. 

Really Simple SSL WordPress plugin already uses 5 million+ active users, and it is a reliable plugin for all users.

Now I’m going to share this feature in-depth of the plugin.

Premium Version Features

  • The options to design your website for the HSTS built-in list.
  • The combined content check shows you what you need to do on the off chance that you don’t have the safe lock yet.
  • More sketchy responses on the configuration page.
  • The selection to permit HTTP Strict Transport Security.
  • Check certificate termination: you get an email when your SSL certificate is near to expire.
  • Progressed security headers for extra security.
  • Varied Content Fixer for the backend.
  • Premium support.

03. WPS Hide Login


WPS Hide Login is a lightweight plugin so you can without much of a stretch and securely modification the URL of its login structure page to you need anything.

It doesn’t literally change the file name or the original; it just blocks page requests to any WordPress website.

When you deactivate this plugin, it will restore your website to its unique state.

The web host of WordPress has proposed this plugin.

Get our extra feature for free:

  • WPS Limit Login to block brute might assaults.
  • WPS Bidouille your WordPress site optimization and get more info.
  • And WPS Cleaner to do fresh your WordPress website.

This plugin does not assure free support; it only maintains. Be patient and consider reporting your problem.

04. Sucuri Security

Sucuri-Security - Best Blog Plugin for WordPress

Sucuri Security is a worldwide accepted WordPress website security plugin. 

This security plugin is free for WordPress users and serves as a complement to the security approach.

Sucuri WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Scanning Malware
  • Hardening of WordPress
  • Check Core Integrity
  • Post Hack
  • Sucuri Security Firewall Integration
  • Email Alerts

05. UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore


It is essential to keep a backup for maintaining a WordPress website.

In case of any disaster, including hacking, it is possible to restore your site, a theme quickly through WordPress backup.

With the UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin, you can quickly backup your WordPress website.

Why You Choose this Plugin:

  • Easy to use
  • Trusted
  • Comprehensive

Benefits of UpdraftPlus Plugins:

  • Backup
  • Set Schedules
  • Restore
  • Cloning and migrations
  • Incremental backups
  • Backup time and scheduling
  • Fast, Personal support
  • Pre-update backups
  • Backup non WordPress files and database
  • Backup WordPress multisite and networks
  • Reporting
  • Importer
  • Lock settings
  • Run from wp-CLI
  • No ads

Backup storage location:

  • Dropbox
  • Google drive
  • Amazon S3
  • Rackspace
  • One Drive
  • SFTP
  • Azure
  • WebDAV

06. WP Fastest Cache


The page loading speed of a website is essential for improving the Google search engine’s SEO ranking. WP Fastest Cache Plugins can increase this load time. This plugin can be set up very easily without any file modification.

Features of WP Fastest Cache:

The WP Fastest Cache plugin has two types of features one free version and another pro feature.

WP Fastest Cache Free version Feature:

  • All files in the cache delete as soon as a post or page is published.
  • Cache Delivery All cached files are deleted at the scheduled time.
  • Mod_Rewrit is the quickest technique used in this plugin.
  • Block cache for exact pages or posts with shortcodes.
  • Enable/disable cache options for login users.
  • The administrator can erase all stored records from the options page.
  • Cache timeout for particular pages.
  • Administrators can erase minified JS and CSS files from the selections page.
  • Enable/disable cache options for mobile devices.
  • Cloudflare support.
  • SSL support.
  • Eliminate pages and user managers.
  • CDN support.
  • Builtin Cache – Automatically create a cache of all sites.

WP Fastest Cache Pro version Feature:

  • Widget cache
  • Mobile cache
  • Minify CSS Plus
  • Suspend JavaScript – Exclude render-blocking JavaScript resources.
  • Minify HTML Plus
  • Minify JavaScript – JavaScript files minified preload
  • Combine JS Plus
  • Sizes and scripts can reduce purse time
  • Customize Images – Customized images load faster and consume less cellular data
  • Consider providing critical JS inline delivery and postponing all non-critical JS

07. Autoptimize


The Autoptimize plugin quickly optimizes your website for free. It has HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and all the modern features of a WordPress website.

Autoptimize Plugins also provide Premium support.

Autoptimize Plugin Configure Your Website

  • Java Script, CSS and HTML Settings
  • Misc Options
  • Image Optimize
  • Critical CSS
  • Cloudflare
  • Optimize more

08. WPForms

WPForms - Best Blog Plugin for WordPress

WPForms is an essential form builder plugin for WordPress. You can easily create a beautiful form for your website in a short time with the drag and drop method. 

Over 4 million users with a 4.9-star rating use the WPForms plugins to create their various forms (contact form, payment form, registration form, etc.).

WPForms Features:

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Smart Conditional Logic
  • Form Templates
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly
  • File Uploads
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • Entry Management
  • Instant Notifications
  • PayPal Forms
  • Spam Protection
  • User Registration
  • Stripe Forms
  • Sendinblue Forms
  • MailChimp Forms
  • Form Locker
  • Suggest a Feature

09. Yoast SEO: Best Blog Plugin for WordPress


SEO is one of the best ways to get top rankings in Google search engines. Yoast SEO is the maximum used and most popular SEO plugin. Millions of users are already using this plugin. It improves your performance and brings you to high rankings in the search engine index.

You can use any of the two free or pro versions of Yoast SEO.

Key Features:

  • SEO analysis
  • Optimize your post keyword
  • Improve the readability
  • Full language support
  • Google preview your page
  • Innovative Schema blocks
  • Internal linking blocks
  • Optimize your article
  • Optimize your content
  • Automatic internal linking suggestions

10. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Plugin


Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is a customization plugin that lets you customize your website. With the creative Gutenberg block of Ultimate Addons, you can create the desired website without writing any code.

Included Gutenberg Blocks

  • Multi Buttons
  • Advanced Heading
  • Info Box
  • Price List
  • Post Layout
  • Testimonial
  • Team
  • Social Share

11. Astra Widgets


The Astra Widget plugin allows you to add an address, list icon, and social profile widget to your WordPress website. You can add titles, sidebars, footers and move the widget position as your choice.

Why you chose Astra Widget:

  • Faster Performance
  • Easy Customization
  • Compatibility with Page Builders
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Deeper Integrations
  • Ready-to-use complete website demos

12. Pretty Links

Pretty Links Plugin - Best Blog Plugin for WordPress

Pretty Links is an excellent link-tracking plugin for complete control of links in a WordPress website.

This plugin allows you to create the URL of your choice and categorize the links.

Pretty Link is one of the best tools for affiliate marketers.

Main Feature of Pretty Links Plugin:

  • Make easy, clean URLs on your website (301, 302, and 307 redirects only)
  • Make Nofollow/Noindex links
  • View total visitor
  • Easily redirected links to new URLs 
  • Number of clicks tracking
  • Exclude IP addresses from statistics 
  • Custom URL slugs with Random generator
  • Cookie-based tracking visitor activity by clicks
  • Tracking turn on/off every Link
  • Easy to see the reports

13. Elementor Page Builder


Elementor is a WordPress website design page builder plugin. It will allow you to build your website with the best design from among its many page builders. Performing drag and drop through the WordPress blog plugin Elementor Page Builder will help create a website with pixel-perfect advanced design features in an open-source approach.

Although it started as a free page editor, the Elementor Pro-version will let you do a lot more than create pages.

Main Feature :

14. Smush Image Compression Plugin


WPSmush is a popular WordPress image compression plugin with a beautiful interface. This plugin compresses the maximum amount of old and new image files and saves space on your site.

You can use the WP Smush plugin for free, and there is a pro version as you need it.

Smush Plugin features:

  • Shift metadata from JPEGs
  • Optimizing JPEG compression
  • Variable individual GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • Clear the old colors from indexed images

15. Insert Headers & Footers

Insert Headers and Footers - Best Blog Plugin for WordPress

Insert Headers and Footers, plugin allow a WordPress website user to enter easily any code, including HTML, and JavaScript. It can easily customize and set up without any theme editing.

This plugin is compatible with most of the WordPress themes, or templates and has a simple free version and a pro version for higher users.

Insert Headers and Footers plugin Features:

  • Insert basic scripts
  • Easy arrangement
  • Add custom CSS across themes
  • Add header code or footer code
  • Insertion any code or script, including HTML and Javascript
  • Add Google Analytics code to any theme
  • Insert Facebook pixel code

Conclusion of Best Blog Plugin for WordPress

In the end, you have the best blog design plugin for WordPress on your website. You can start a fantastic blog site for your personal and business purpose. This best WordPress blog represents you or your business correctly.

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