Flywheel Web Hosting Reviews for Website 2023

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Flywheel web hosting is the best available option to build WordPress websites for clients. It has tons of well-designed products, resources, and extraordinary features to make your life easier. The Flywheel Company is laser-focused to create smart and easy tools to launch WordPress sites and manage them quickly. Also, their products have helped huge people scale their business on the WordPress platform, from small agencies to giant clients. Let us focus on how the WordPress hosting service stands out among Flywheel Web Hosting Reviews’ various features.

Flywheel Web Hosting Rating

Surname: Flywheel

Headquarter: Omaha, Boren, USA

Supported platform: WordPress

Product: Managed Web Hosting, WordPress, Security-Based Hosting, SSH Gateway, Nightly Backups, Growth Suite

Product Rating: 4.8 out of 5 star

Flywheel Web Hosting Reviews: Good

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Flywheel Hosting Feature

Flywheel Hosting Feature

The Flywheel is WordPress-powered hosting. Here are some of the features why it is a top hosting solution:

Automatic Backups: Flywheel your site backs up every night without any plugins.

Automatic Updates: It automatically updates the original WordPress software for you.

Built-in varnish caching engine: It builds your WordPress site using server-side caching so your site will load faster without using caching plugins.

Virus Removal: If a virus attacks your website, Flywheel will take care of it by removing the entire virus.

Free SSL Certificate: It provides you with a Let’s Encrypt free SSL Certificate. The installation will take a few clicks to complete the entire install.

Safe Staging Sites: This is the best and most useful development function of the Flywheel for quickly creating and staging your site’s versions.

WordPress Security: Without using third-party security plugins to keep your website secure, there is limit login effort as well as IP blocking.

Expert support 24/7: They always help you solve any problem through chat, email, and phone calls.

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More Feature:

  • CDN integrations Easy
  • Good uptime
  • One-click staging site
  • All clients are on VPS Servers
  • Beautiful user interface design
  • Free demos on 14 days
  • Built-in site statistics
  • Migrations free for any website
  • One login for SFTP reinterpreted
  • Core WordPress protection with Solid security
  • Customers bill transfer
  • Preimagined SFTP
  • Simple collaboration tools
  • PayPal and credit card support
  • Any time update your plans
  • 7-server locations choice
  • Nightly backups saved off-site and one-click restores.
  • A new experience with SSH gateway
  • Access to slow error logs, error logs, and access logs,
  • NGINX as standard

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Pricing of Flywheel Hosting

Pricing of Flywheel Hosting

Flywheel has plans mainly used for managed WordPress hosting, and others focused on Growth Suite agencies hosting. Includes higher prices and more options for custom plans that can customize to suit potential customers’ needs. They have a WordPress hosting tree labeled Tiny, Starter, Freelance, and Agency. Starting at $13 a month, check out their minimum plan before listing. From Growth Suite, we have freelancers and agencies in addition to the custom variants. 

Some plans have the same names under both trees, but the features and prices will differ. Below is the topic as features and tools for entry-level planning.

Manage WordPress Hosting Plan Called Tiny

Flywheel provides servers and services designed specifically for WordPress. Whose name is Managed WordPress Host? Your websites will have familiarity with the best quality performance and security as each server optimizes for one CMS.

To help manage your sites, you’ll find additional features like automatic night backups and WordPress upgrades with managed WordPress hosts. Also, the WordPress expert support team is ready 24/7 to help you.

  • Free migrations 
  • SSH gateway
  • Free demo site
  • PHP 7.4 Ready
  • Additional websites
  • FlyCache
  • Third-party SSL certificates
  • Transfer
  • 30+ StudioPress themes
  • All-in-one SFTP
  • Simple SSL certificates
  • Organizations
  • Genesis Framework
  • Local development environment
  • Global availability
  • Blueprints
  • Staging sites
  • Nightly backups
  • Auto Healing Technology
  • CDN
  • Site cloning
  • 24/7 chat support

Therefore, a starter plan costs $13 a month and is obtainable for one website, with 5 GB 20 GB bandwidth and up to 5000 visitors.

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Growth Suite Plan Called Freelance

Growth Suite Plan

Growth Suite is a subscription billing, sales dashboard, and customer management hosting package. In this Growth Suite’s cheap plan, you have to pay $135 per month to operate 10 websites. The list includes details like options and features:

  • Multilingual support 
  • Client management
  • Client sorting, filtering, and marking
  • Reseller hosting
  • Integrations
  • Ticketing support system
  • Invoice process
  • Asset allocation plan
  • Multi-Agency Central Billing
  • Offer other services
  • Plan resource allocation
  • Forward the invoice to other recipients
  • Sales dashboard
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Assignment of multiple websites
  • Subscription billing
  • Ability to customize client emails
  • Custom subdomain URLs
  • Invoicing process
  • Customer reports
  • Bulky site promotions and updates
  • Ability to replicate invoices
  • Hybrid invoicing – recurring and one-time items
  • Service creation process
  • Change billing period

Lastly, if you want the best deal and a support team to update your plugins, you can pay more to get the add-on package. The add-on makes the whole experience more comfortable and worry-free for you. We suggest it exclusively if you have more websites and a bigger budget.

Services, Support, Data Center, and Network

Services and Support

There is very little information about the data centers and locations of the flywheel network. According to their official website, Flywheel has 7 data center locations from which customers can choose. You will automatically receive a data center in New York, USA if you do not select the exact location.

Flywheel has launched a custom hosting solution developed in collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform to access all data centers. Moreover, all plans come with a free CDN with a worldwide network. Google uses New York City’s primary data center for hosting outside the cloud. The Flywheel has data centers in the following locations:

  • New York, USA
  • San Francisco, USA.
  • Atlanta, USA
  • Dallas, USA
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Singapore

As we said, these are just data centers and their locations, but the network doesn’t do much.

Support is available throughout the year and with operators around the world. We answered a person’s chat in just a few minutes.

Flywheel works as a hosting provider website with the utmost honesty but has no written or guaranteed.

Pros and Cons of Flywheel

Pros and Cons of Flywheel

Flywheel Pros

  • Security solution linked correctly.
  • The high-quality IP-blocking system
  • Excellent performance with the cloud-based structure
  • Support available 24*7
  • Incredible uptime
  • Great server response
  • Money-back guarantee

Flywheel cons

  • SSH can’t access for security-managed purposes
  • SSL certificates can’t buy directly
  • WordPress hosting only exists here.

Final thoughts

Flywheel has become the most preferred WordPress environment for customers due to its many years of hosting experience. It considers being at the forefront of this business line because of its affordable price, well-structured planning, and fast service. The seven servers on the Flywheel are a good number, and we expect this to expand further. We want to show it as a value instead of paying more companies for each site’s free transfer and ambition.

We want this company to grow, achieve better rewards, improve its network and accelerate its speed. It seems a good thing to keep other platforms where the Flywheel should be more prominent and extended. Our Flywheel Web Hosting Reviews help you make the right decision.

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