How to Use WP Rocket Plugin for Optimizing Your Website 2023

WP Rocket plugin is one of the essentials plaguing for WordPress websites. The best caching plugin for WordPress is suitable for cache, file optimization, media, preloading, databases, and wp rocket CDN with many more, and this plugin installation and configuring process is very simple. It is the most valuable plugin for your WordPress website. If you want to know how to use WP rocket Plugin and also want to know the WP rocket plugin feature. This article is essential for optimizing your website.

The Benefit of WP Rocket Plugin

Now are going to check out WP rocket, which I use on my website, and it will help us improve the site speed. The other page builders are not known for speed because they add a lot of extra code, too many features, and can do so much stuff, and they require adding code to be able to execute.

In these cases, we want a page builder, and it is going to go from 4.9 seconds to 1.1 seconds in load speed just by configuring WP rocket, and it is a super simple example.

However, the page builder is not as fast as if we use plain HTML and CSS; it is just a reality of page builders.

How WP Rocket Works and Uses 

How WP Rocket Works

It is a simple and easy way to install and the WP Rocket login. You will install it with a few clicks in WP rocket. So we will install the WP rocket right now and only $49 for a single site license. I have right now single site license, and there are also discounts throughout the year.

So if you go to their site, I believe there is a sign-up somewhere summers on this site. You can decide to be on their list, and they quite often have wp rocket coupon code if you do not want to spend the $49 to get right now.

So make sure you get the wp rocket discount if you’re going to, and then buy the plugin. WP Rocket gives you access to your dashboard, and now you can download the rocket plugin.

How to Use WP Rocket Plugin and the Process of Wp Rocket Settings

The bored of your website go to plugins, add new plugin then go to upload plugin, and then you can just drag and drop this new download a plugin right. After showing that, click on Install bottom. When installing complete, then click on activate the plugin.

After complete activation, you will find a new menu item under settings that calls WP rocket. You will find now have the plugin install on your dashboard, and even without changing any settings.

Let’s just test the site again GT Metrix. So this was the original one that we did just to the searching this. Now your dashboard is ready to use, and it is the best way for wp rocket plugins setting. 

Why use WP Rocket Plugin and What Does WP Rocket Do?

WP Rocket is a high-performance plugin, and you will never find this like this plugin. Using this blog plugin will make your website a good change, and site speed runs on cyclone speed now. We discuss why to use of wp rocket plugin.

  • For Bloggers
  • For eCommerce
  • And for Freelancers & Agencies
  • Testimonials

High Performance WP Rocket Features 

High performance features

The rocket plugin is a high-performance plugin, and your website speed instantly increases in a few seconds. You will never find any tools like it if you want to know how to use WP rocket Plugin? 

You find our tropic is simple to installation and you will improvise your site performance and core web vitals scores.

Rocket Plugin Easy Use

The rocket plugin easy to use, and it is automatically applied the 80$ of website performance. You will never find any other plugin like this. However, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to set up a rocket setting, and it is the main benefit of the plugin. You will set it up in just a few clicks then it is ready for use.

Great support by WP Rocket Support Team 

The rocket plugin support team is ready to support you; they believe that support is the backbone of their business. WP Rocket support team heart of the user and team is prepared to assist if you have any questions or issues with the plugin.

The Importance of WP Rocket Plugin for Optimizing Your Website

Importance of Plugin for Optimizing Your Website

If you want to grow your business on the internet and search engine world, it has no better alternative than the WP Rocket plugin. It will support the superfast loading speed of your site. Now we discuss why we use it and the importance of WP Rocket plugin.

Get More Visitor 

Think that your website is super first loading speed, your actual visitor comes to your site in a few seconds, and it is a suitable option to get more visitors on your site. Your visitor does not bounce.

As a result, you will get more visitors. But when your site loading speed is not good, that causes your visitor bounce, and you lose visitors day by day, and this is cases your website ranking moves down day by day.

So nowadays, most SEO specialists like rocket plugins because they can help get more visitors to their website.

Better SEO for Ranking 

Google and other search engines like to faster website because the faster website is user-friendly and user not boring to loading speed that a result user gets their actual thing on the targeted keywords.

You need a better SEO-friendly plugin to optimize your site seed, and it is one SEO-friendly plugin. It helps to move up your website speed.

Use WP Rocket WooCommerce and Get More Conversation. 

When a large volume of visitors comes to your site, it has a chance to increase conversation, which is the most important thing to achieve your goal and earn more revenue.

However, you need to know how to use the WP Rocket plugin, if you want to find many visitors. You need to come to the first page of the search engine. It helps your website’s first page of search engine.

WP Rocket Pricing

WP Rocket Pricing

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin. It has three pricing plans Single, Plus, and Infinite. You can easily buy any package you need.

Single Package: You get support and update one year one website for only $49.

Plus Package: You get support and update one year three websites for only $99.

Infinite Package: You get support and update one-year unlimited websites for only $249.

WP Rocket Alternative 

It is the best premium caching plugin, but it has some free alternatives. The Best WP Rocket Free Alternative can be nitropack vs wp rocket, wp rocket vs w3 total cache, autoptimize vs wp rocket, but it has some limitations. Hence, WP Rocket is perfect for your website.

The End of WP Rocket Review 

It does not need to say again what the best cache plugin WordPress is and the importance of the WP Rocket plugin. We also discuss how to use WP rocket Plugin and try to most common questions about the plugin. In our final observation, it is not only a plugin; it is the ambiance of your website. If you like to achieve your goal now, it is time to install this plugin on your website.

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