WP eCommerce VS WooCommerce: Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress is one of the best blogging CMS on the web, which gives you the best results for creating and promoting website content. It enhances the functionality of your website with multiple plugins and add-ons. And it allows conversions to monetization platforms. It delivers both great and excellent features. So, which of them should be the best and preferred for you? You can get a better answer to this; This is WP eCommerce vs WooCommerce comparison.

E-commerce plugins can easily install for your website so that the rest of the plugins effort correctly. Of all the plugins, WP eCommerce and WooCommerce are the two best eCommerce plugins for websites.



Let’s get started with the aspects of order management and marketing systems to get acquainted with WooCommerce.

Its order management system is entirely different from the WP eCommerce system. It isn’t restricted merely to the administrator panel. However, you can access the order directly through it, view the processing, and find and view each order’s status with the end at the back of the website.

As a controller, you can easily change and charge extra. You can visit the current section and send email invoices.

WooCommerce allows you to place a product to promote your product or provide discount coupons. You can set your product offer notices on a banner on your site. It keeps a record profile of customers to help you collect reviews and research.

Active installations: 5+ Million.

Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars. (Count on 3701 reviews)

Payment Methods of WooCommerce 

WooCommerce offers many payment methods for your eCommerce websites:

  • WP eCommerce,
  • PayPal,
  • manual checks,
  • Google Checkout.

If you want to use other payment options such as First Data, Mijireh, skrill money bookers, Brain Tree, Stripe, Sagepay, and Amazon payments, you need to buy the getaway.

Checkout Pages of WooCommerce

WooCommerce permits your customers to checkout orders without any registration. Even registered customers can use it without login. This single plugin lets you create a checkout page for all transactions.

Easy Shipping Methods of WooCommerce

This plugin supports worldwide shipping in whole courtiers, and It is resonances more useful features than WP eCommerce. However, you cannot use UPS, FedEx, Australia Post, and USPS in the free version of WooCommerce. So, you can use these features by purchasing the extension.

WP eCommerce


It is a fantastic free plugin. You can utilize the accompanying payment methods in the free version:

  • PayPal
  • shipping
  • Google checkout gateway
  • Manual Cheque
  • Checkout Ways

WP eCommerce supports ship wire, UPS, Australia Post, and USPS. With this plugin, you get domestic and global rates. You also have a shopping rate calculator. You can change the shipping technique on your site by buying the Premium version of this WordPress plugin.

Active installations: 10,000+

Average ratings: 3.4 out of 5 star. (Count on 258 reviews)

Marketing and Order Management 

Now, what is the administrative work in this consideration? How can you keep a record of your business transactions and sales management? You will receive a notification immediately if someone confirms the order. And your order history is available to create more accordingly. It can export order lists and Customer details in CSV format.

WP eCommerce gives you many chances in your business needs through which you can undoubtedly feature an item, or you can place in an advancement/markdown. You can easily create sales offers for your products so you can generate more leads and sell.

Weaknesses of WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce has particular limits. This WordPress shopping cart plugin may not be perfect for all types of websites. On the off chance that your blog produces a few sales in a month, you should utilize this plugin.

Be that as it may, you can pick something else and plan to fabricate a major web-based business organization or a big e-commerce company. It is not a useful plugin for WP eCommerce software developers.

However, those who want to improve all these plugins’ efficiency by changing the code may feel very little designed. You can develop your small e-commerce sites with this WordPress plugin, but this free version may not work correctly for some large stores.

WP eCommerce VS WooCommerce, which is the best choice of WP eCommerce? 

WP eCommerce and WooCommerce proposals are relatively close features and benefits. So, WP eCommerce Free Edition allows some features that WooCommerce Free Edition does not provide. However, WooCommerce provides clean documentation, excellent customer support, and a responsive theme.

On the off chance that you are a WordPress developer and need to add some additional features to the plugin, you can undoubtedly alter the code to suit your necessities in WooCommerce, which doesn’t permit WP eCommerce.

While most email integration features are available in the Pro version of WooCommerce, WP is not accessible in eCommerce.

Final Thought

We think that the WooCommerce plugin for a WordPress website is the best option in this regard. If you ask about our WP eCommerce VS WooCommerce, an expensive plugin with useful functionality, you should use WooCommerce. If you need to realize which is the least costly, the appropriate response should be WP eCommerce.

A Few FAQs on WP eCommerce VS Woo Commerce

WP eCommerce VS WooCommerce which of the plugins do you prefer?

Absolutely, I prefer the WooCommerce plugin.

Are these plugins free?

Yes, those are have free and premium version.

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